Leonid Pasternak - The Passion of CreationIt’s been a several months since I last wrote a blog post, and so I felt it was time to dust off the keyboard, let you know about my progress, and offer an explanation as to why I’ve not written anything for so long. First of all, I am pleased to say I’ve finished closed playtesting on one of my designs (Flower Islands), and have now made the PnP files publicly available for open playtesting. It’s been no mean feat getting to that point, and I’m really proud of the work I’ve done. However, all that hard work has lead to one major problem: Creative burnout.

It’s been a real shock for me because I just didn’t see it coming. I’ve been so happy getting to spend all my time doing something I love that the feeling of mental fatigue crept up on me unannounced. I’ve been struggling with it now for several weeks, and while I am certainly trying hard to keep up my work load, I’m finding it hard to concentrate a lot of the time, and ideas just aren’t flowing like they were before. I’m also finding that more tedious tasks such as rulebook writing just don’t hold my attention. It’s a problem because I have a second game that’s almost ready for open playtesting via PnP, but I can’t distribute it until I’ve got the rulebook fully written and proofread, and I’m finding it really hard to focus and get it done.

So where does that leave me? I wanted to try and be honest in this blog post, and I think that just coming on here and saying a few things about my process will help things. I think I also need to take a bit of a break and maybe focus my creative mind on something other than board games for a while. I’ve been doing some paid work here and there lately which has been good to break up my time, as well as help my pocket. I’m hoping that with a little bit of a rest, I can come back to my creative drawing board with a new found enthusiasm and energy. Let me know if you’ve experienced something similar, and share any tips you have for working through mental blocks in the comments.


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